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James Credle Papers

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James Credle Papers


Personal collection belonging to James Credle. Digitized in March 2018 by Eric Gonzaba, in conjunction with the Queer Newark Oral History Project.


James Credle


Queer Newark Oral History Project


Eric Gonzaba

Collection Items

1994 Gay Men of Color AIDS Institute Program
Program for the 4th Gay Men of Color AIDS Institute in Chicago.

Fire!! Devoted to Younger Negro Artists
African-American literary magazine published in New York City in 1926 during the Harlem Renaissance.

Sister Connect card
Pink business card for Sister Connect, a warmline serving women living with HIV. Text includes: a connection with women living with HIV. Information on HIV/AIDS related issues. Referrals to services for people with HIV/AIDS. friendly, nonjudgmental…

New Jersey AIDS Hotline business card
White business card for New Jersey AIDS hotline. Text includes: referrals, general information, counseling & testing locations, treatment information. Have no sex is safest. If you do have sex, always use a latex condom and spermicidal foam/jelly…

Be Sexy, Wear a Condom info card
Information card found with pack of condoms and lube. Text includes: HIV is preventable. National AIDS Education & Services for Minorities. Be sexy, wear a condom. Many Men, Many Voices: A Health Education workshop/retreat for African American men. A…

Task Force Connections Fall 1994 Newsletter
The quarterly technical assistance newsletter of the National Task Force on AIDS prevention. Main article is on 4th Gay Men of Color AIDS Institute . Located within Fire Same Sex Training Manual

Hot, Horny & Healthy curriculum
curriculum guide for an HIV prevention playshop for African American gay and bisexual men. Sessions include welcome, mourning, affirmation, eroticizing, negotiation, and closing. Located within Fire Same Sex Training Manual

Wet, Wild, and Well! Facilitator's Outline
Wet, Wild, and Well! Lesbian Sex in the 1990s Facilitator's Outline. HEART Project Workshop. Located within Fire Same Sex Training Manual

Morin Model
Morin model. Text includes: a person must hold five beliefs in order to change his or her sexual behavior in relation to AIDS. Located within Fire Same Sex Training Manual

Learning Principles
Guidelines to effective learning strategies, including active learning principles, learning cone, definitions of culture, dimensions of cultural diversity, experiential learning cycle.
Located within Fire Same Sex Training Manual
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