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A.I.D.S. The Facts
Booklet produced by the South Carolina AIDS Education Network to explain ways that HIV is transmitted, as well as symptoms of HIV infection. Mainly uses pictures and simple language to be accessible to low-literacy readers.

AIDS: Don't Take Your Life For Granted
Brochure produced by the South Carolina AIDS Education Network and AIDS Busters, a youth HIV prevention peer education group. Includes common questions asked by children and teenagers at presentations given by DiAna DiAna, the founder of SCAEN and…

DiAna's Hair Ego Still: DiAna DiAna
Still of DiAna DiAna from Ellen Spiro's film DiAna's Hair Ego: AIDS Info Up Front (1991).

DiAna's Hair Ego Still: Safer Sex Party
Two women demonstrate how to make a dental dam from a condom at one of DiAna's safer sex parties.

DiAna's Hair Ego Still: Learn About AIDS
Still from Ellen Spiro's film

DiAna DiAna Lecture at Concordia University
iAna DiAna's presentation of "DiAna's Hair Ego" by Ellen Spiro at Concordia University, followed by lecture and questions.
DiAna DiAna is an African-American South Carolina-based grassroots prevention activist and hairstylist who became the subject…
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