African American AIDS History Project

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BEBASHI Gary Lyles Letter.pdf
Letter concerning Gary Lyles by Rashidah L. Hassan and Curtis Wadlington

Letters from Tracy C. Gibson (1986).pdf
Two letters from Tracy C. Gibson

Impact Notice of Meeting October 1986.pdf
Meeting pertains to resignations of Darlene Garner and R. Lorraine Hassan;

Memorandum 1986-03-28.pdf
Memo describes need for PATF to hire minority outreach coordinator.

Letter-- David Fair to Daniel Stone 1986-12-19.pdf
David Fair letter describes story of Gary Lyles.

IMPACT Job Description and Agenda.pdf
IMPACT Job Description and Agenda 1986

Blacks Suffer Most AIDS Cases Are Not Getting Services, Group Charges.pdf
Blacks Suffer Most AIDS Cases Are Not Getting Services, Group Charges

Unequal Treatment?.pdf
We've Had Enough flyer for 1987 protest. Includes clippings for Philadelphia Daily News article on Theodore Johnson.

Fredrick Douglass One-Man Show.pdf
Fredrick Douglass One-Man Show featuring James Charles Roberts benefit for Blacks Educating Blacks About Sexual Health Issues

IMPACT Commitee Quarterly Report 1986.pdf
Impact Committee Quarterly Report for the Quarter Ending September 1986
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