African American AIDS History Project

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AIDS Forum.pdf
Poster with African American models for Whitman-Walker Clinic & the D.C. Coalition of Black Gays presenting AIDS Forum for Black and Third-World Gays

SOULS Bebashi.jpg
Sign reads Bebashi SOULS Society of Unique Love & Support. Love Betrayal Murder Triangle.

Be Sexy, Wear a Condom.jpg
Information card found with pack of condoms and lube. Text includes: HIV is preventable. National AIDS Education & Services for Minorities. Be sexy, wear a condom. Many Men, Many Voices: A Health Education workshop/retreat for African American men. A…

Carrie J..jpg
Poster with image of African American women. Text included: Danny said he didn't want to do it if we had to use condoms. I said goodnight. He drove around the block, came back and said, okay. -Carrie J.

D.C. CARE Consortium Papaya.pdf
Twelve (12) posters from the D.C. CARE Consortium campaign designed by Valerie Papaya Mann

Day With(out) Art.jpg
Sign reads Day With(out) Art / World AIDS Day. Ribbon Bee. Get Tested. Includes information on back of Bebashi

Photographs of DC CARE Consortium holiday party for people with HIV or AIDS and their families likely in December 2001

Gail. A Life With AIDS.png
Poster that reads Gail. A Life With AIDS. Photographs by David Binder. August 8-12, 1994. United states Senate Office Building Russell Office Building Rotunda Washington DC

Get carried away with Condoms.jpg
Poster with image of African American men embracing with text Get carried away with Condoms

High risk sexual behavior among gay African American men.pdf
Article entitled High-Risk Sexual Behavior and Condom Use among Gay and Bisexual African-American Men by John L. Peterson, Thomas Coates, Joseph A. Catania, Lee Middleton, Bobby Hilliard, and Norma Hearst. Located within Fire Same Sex Training…
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