African American AIDS History Project

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It’s time to draw the line.jpg
Poster that reads It’s Time to Draw the Line Against HIV/AIDS. MAPP Minority AIDS Project of Philadelphia and Vicinity

Only One thing should come between us (Unity).png
Poster of two African American men in underwear with one holding a condom.

Jonathan Lax Scholarship.jpg
Poster with image of African American man. Text includes: Are you a gay man? Need money for school?
The Jonathan Lax Scholarship Fund for Gay Men was established in 1994 by the late entrepreneur and inventor Jonathan R. Lax for the purpose of…

The Dance Party II.jpg
Poster with image of Grace Jones. Text includes: Dance Party II. Pier Pressure. Fundraiser.

Media Collaborations for Social Action and Social Justice.jpg
Poster for Media Collaborations for Social Justice and Social Action. Involves Video Collaborations in the Age of AIDS by Jean Carlomusto and Gregg Bordorwitz.

We’ve Come too Far.jpg
Images of black hands breaking chains. Text includes: We've Come Too Far To Die of AIDS. AIDS is preventable. Get educated . . . Get tested!

Sisters Wake Up!.jpg
Poster with images of African American women. Text includes: Sisters Wake Up! It's About Making Health Choices. AIDS is the #1 killer of African American and Latina women (ages 25-34). The virus is transmitted in three ways- sexually, blood contact…

At a local bathhouse.jpg
Poster with comic of a local bathhouse advocating for the testing of syphilis. Stop the sores.

BEBASHI Gary Lyles Letter.pdf
Letter concerning Gary Lyles by Rashidah L. Hassan and Curtis Wadlington
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