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Because We Care...The African American Church Responds to AIDS-1992-04-10.pdf
Invitation to participate in symposium on model programs in the black church's response to AIDS.

Philadelphia Youth Initiatives Staff Training Schedule-1991-01-17  .pdf
Staff Training schedule, includes 10:45 am presentation by Curtis Wadlington on STD overview.

Curtis Wadlington (1957-2012) grew up in Cobbs Creek, a neighborhood in West Philadelphia, where he spent most of his life. As a teenager, Wadlington began working as a camp counselor, which marked the beginning of his career in human services.…

Letter-Donald F. Schwarz and Anthony L. Rostain to Curtis Wadlington-1991-08-28  .pdf
Thank you letter for participation in community health seminar, particularly in discussion of HIV in West Philadelphia.

Letter-Susan Thompson to Curtis Wadlington-1991-06-26  .pdf
Letter describing a training on counseling teens with sexually transmitted diseases that Wadlington has agreed to conduct for counselors from the Philadelphia AIDS Activities Coordinating Office (AACO). Includes schedule of the second day of…

Part of interviewer training manual for "Overcoming Barriers to Condom Use STD Screening and Treatment in a High Risk Population," a CDC-funded research and demonstration project.

Curriculum for seven-week workshop on human sexuality for teenagers presented by BEBASHI. Includes agenda for one session, presented February 7, 1989 at Strawberry Mansion Senior High School.

Letter regarding BEBASHI/Freedom Theatre Project, a collaborative effort to present a dramatic piece for youth about "making conscious and positive choices."

Program for a production of "CHOICES," presented by BEBASHI and performed by Freedom Theatre, at West Philadelphia Community Center on July 27, 1989.

Letter confirming Wadlington's appearance on Georgie Woods' show on WDAS-AM as part of the Family Planning Council's "Pregnancy: It's Not for Me" public awareness campaign.
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