African American AIDS History Project

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DC CARE Consortium Spring 2011.pdf
D.C. Care Chronicle Spring 2001 newsletter

DC CARE Consortium summer-fall 2001.pdf
D.C. Care Chronicle Summer/Fall 2001 newsletter

Remembering the past conference badge .jpg
Conference badge of Valerie Papaya Mann of the DC CARE Consortium at the United States Conference on AIDS

Emergency money channeled .pdf
Washington Balde news clipping with title "Emergency Money Channeled to Housing Agencies for PWAs: City releases $300,000 to prevent collapse of group"

Until this war is won.pdf
Article entitled "Until this War is Won: D.C. Observes Black AIDS Awareness Day"

Photographs of DC CARE Consortium holiday party for people with HIV or AIDS and their families likely in December 2001

Images from an early 1990s International AIDS Candlelight Memorial event

DC Care Resolution 1995.pdf
Council of the District of Columbia Resolution D.C. Care Consortium Recognition Resolution of 1995

Certificate of Appointment 1998-1999.pdf
Certificate of Appointment of Valerie Papaya Mann to Metropolitan Washington Region HUMN Immunodeficiency Virus Health Services Planning Council

AIDS Service Dinner 1995.jpg
Letter from Mayor Marion Barry on the CARE Consortium's 1995 AIDS Community Service Awards Dinner
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