African American AIDS History Project

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No AIDS.pdf
Poster by AIDS Education Fund of Whitman Walker that reads "Blacks and other third-world gays are highly susceptible to AIDS, also. "

Washington is a Capital City.pdf
Flyer by the AIDS Education Fund of Whitman Walker reading "Washington is a capital city. Let's keep it that way. Blacks Are Highly Susceptible to AIDS. There has to be a solution, Work with us to find it."

AIDS Education Fund.pdf
Handout from Whitman-Walker AIDS Education Fund

AIDS Forum.pdf
Poster with African American models for Whitman-Walker Clinic & the D.C. Coalition of Black Gays presenting AIDS Forum for Black and Third-World Gays

Wet, Wild and Well!.pdf
Wet, Wild, and Well! Lesbian Sex in the 1990s Facilitator's Outline. HEART Project Workshop. Located within Fire Same Sex Training Manual
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