African American AIDS History Project

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Get carried away with Condoms.jpg
Poster with image of African American men embracing with text Get carried away with Condoms

One way, both ways, always.jpg
Poster that reads Safer Sexxx: One way, both ways, Always the Safer Way

A real man uses a condom.jpg
Poster that reads Safer Sexxx: A Real Man Uses Condoms

Only One thing should come between us (Unity).png
Poster of two African American men in underwear with one holding a condom.

Be Smart About HIV.jpg
Poster that reads Be Smart About HIV. See your doctor about new treatment options. New research suggests reducing the amount of virus may help you live longer. National Minority AIDS Council. National Lesbian and Gay Health Association

Respect Yourself.jpg
Poster that reads Respect Yourself, Protect Yourself from HIV/AIDS. Use a condom every time. Georgia Women Preventing AIDS

You Can Get a New Man.jpg
Poster that reads You Can Get a New Man but you can't get a new life. Use a condom every time. Georgia Women Preventing AIDS

Contents of Credle Safer Sex Duffle Bag.pdf
Handwritten text of contents of donation to Rutgers Newark regarding duffle bag containing safer sex materials.

High risk sexual behavior among gay African American men.pdf
Article entitled High-Risk Sexual Behavior and Condom Use among Gay and Bisexual African-American Men by John L. Peterson, Thomas Coates, Joseph A. Catania, Lee Middleton, Bobby Hilliard, and Norma Hearst. Located within Fire Same Sex Training…
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