African American AIDS History Project

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Carrie J..jpg
Poster with image of African American women. Text included: Danny said he didn't want to do it if we had to use condoms. I said goodnight. He drove around the block, came back and said, okay. -Carrie J.

Hot Horny Healthy.jpg
Poster that reads Hot Horny Healthy. A Session in Eroticizing Safer Sex. By John Whyte MD and Jeff Epperly

How much do your children know about AIDS?.jpg
Poster that reads: How much do your children know about AIDS?

All men make a difference!.jpg
Poster that reads AIDS All Men-- Make a Difference! World AIDS Day December 1, 2000

At a local bathhouse.jpg
Poster with comic of a local bathhouse advocating for the testing of syphilis. Stop the sores.

National Black HIV-AIDS Awareness Day 2008.jpg
Poster that reads National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day 2008. February 7, 2008. Prevention is power. Get educated, get tested, get involved, get treated.

Gail. A Life With AIDS.png
Poster that reads Gail. A Life With AIDS. Photographs by David Binder. August 8-12, 1994. United states Senate Office Building Russell Office Building Rotunda Washington DC

You Can Get a New Man.jpg
Poster that reads You Can Get a New Man but you can't get a new life. Use a condom every time. Georgia Women Preventing AIDS

Respect Yourself.jpg
Poster that reads Respect Yourself, Protect Yourself from HIV/AIDS. Use a condom every time. Georgia Women Preventing AIDS

Stand Tough.jpg
Poster of African American male. Text reads: Standing Tough . . . get tested for HIV. Today's medicines can help you live a longer, healthier life. Power positive.
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