African American AIDS History Project

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You know different .png
Poster with text that reads They Say You're Scared, They Say You Don't Care, They Say You Won't Stop AIDS. You Know Different. Get real. Get tested. Get Results.

National Black HIV-AIDS Awareness Day 2008.jpg
Poster that reads National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day 2008. February 7, 2008. Prevention is power. Get educated, get tested, get involved, get treated.

Flyer forHOPES- Health Outreach Prevention & Education Services. Text includes: The HOPES program is a prevention peer education and advocacy service offering one-on-one support and counseling to individuals from culturally and sexually diverse…

Be Sexy, Wear a Condom.jpg
Information card found with pack of condoms and lube. Text includes: HIV is preventable. National AIDS Education & Services for Minorities. Be sexy, wear a condom. Many Men, Many Voices: A Health Education workshop/retreat for African American men. A…

New Jersey AIDS Hotline business card.pdf
White business card for New Jersey AIDS hotline. Text includes: referrals, general information, counseling & testing locations, treatment information. Have no sex is safest. If you do have sex, always use a latex condom and spermicidal foam/jelly…

At a local bathhouse.jpg
Poster with comic of a local bathhouse advocating for the testing of syphilis. Stop the sores.

Take Control2.jpg
Poster in spanish. Text reads: Hazte La Prueba. Toma Control. Dia Nacional De La Prueba De VIH. 27 de Junio.

Take Control.jpg
Poster with image of an African Man. Text reads: Take the test. Take control. Taking an HIV test may not be easy, but it's worth it. National HIV Testing Day June 27.

Stand Tough.jpg
Poster of African American male. Text reads: Standing Tough . . . get tested for HIV. Today's medicines can help you live a longer, healthier life. Power positive.

Testing Makes Us Stronger7.jpg
Image of an African American man. Text reads: Testing Makes Us Stronger. Your HIV test result expires every time you have risky sex. Stay strong and informed. Get tested. Department of Health and Human Services USA, CDC, Act Against AIDS
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