African American AIDS History Project

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Check this out!.png
Poster that reads Check this out! If you have HIV and are pregnant you could pass the virus to your baby.

You Can Get a New Man.jpg
Poster that reads You Can Get a New Man but you can't get a new life. Use a condom every time. Georgia Women Preventing AIDS

Wet, Wild and Well!.pdf
Wet, Wild, and Well! Lesbian Sex in the 1990s Facilitator's Outline. HEART Project Workshop. Located within Fire Same Sex Training Manual

Sister Connect Front.png
Pink business card for Sister Connect, a warmline serving women living with HIV. Text includes: a connection with women living with HIV. Information on HIV/AIDS related issues. Referrals to services for people with HIV/AIDS. friendly, nonjudgmental…

Denise R..jpg
Poster with image of African American women. Text included: Donny pays for food and rent and everything so I owe him a lot. But I make him wear a condom because I don't owe him that much. Denise R.

Sisters Wake Up!.jpg
Poster with images of African American women. Text includes: Sisters Wake Up! It's About Making Health Choices. AIDS is the #1 killer of African American and Latina women (ages 25-34). The virus is transmitted in three ways- sexually, blood contact…

Letter confirming Wadlington's appearance on an episode of Issues Forum on the topic of AIDS and its effect on woman and children.

Letter- Curtis Wadlington to Trish Hallero- 1990-11-30.pdf
Request for a budget reallocation from AmFAR for "Abused Women of Color: Sex Education as a Crisis Intervention."

Abused Women of Color Project Progress Report-1990-11-26.pdf
Progress report submitted to the American Foundation for AIDS Research for its sponsored project, "Abused Women of Color: Sex Education as a Crisis Intervention." The project consists of a video module to educate women about the role of sex in…

Letter of Appointment to Deputy Director for Project Operations-1989-03-22.pdf
Letter from Rashidah Hassan appointing Curtis Wadlington to Deputy Director for Project Operations, overseeing education projects for women, adolescents and children, IV drugs users, people in low income housing, and sexual minorities.
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